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"Crush" Review 24 October 2000
It rocks, you just gotta keep an open mind...

A review by Chris /

I'm only 18 years old, and I've been a Bon Jovi fan ever since I was 4 and my aunt played "Slippery" in her car. So, the majority of BJ fans now will look down upon "Crush" because it's not "Slippery" or "New Jersey". Well, you have to keep an open mind. It's not 1986, it's 2000.

I'm the type of guy who usually goes for the hard rocking songs, so "It's My Life" and "One Wild Night" obviously are my favorites. "Neurotica" has perhaps one of the greatest vocal melodies that I've ever heard Jon sing. Same thing with "Save The World."

"Thank You For Loving Me" is a beautiful song. Granted, it's not "Bed Of Roses", but it's still well orchestrated. "Just Older" and "Next 100 Years" show the progression of the adult contemporary style that was toyed with on "These Days". 99% of rock bands today cannot put together a song like BJ does.

"Crush" is perhaps the only BJ album that I can listen to as a whole without skipping a track. Every song is dramatically different from the next, and believeme, that's a great thing. As much as we say "Crush sux because it doesn't rock...", if BJ threw together a clone of Jersey or Slippery, everyone would be pissed.

In conclusion, Crush is a great album. Compare it to other BJ albums, and it'll score low, but score it against every other act out there, and it'll do great. Catch the live show, of course it will rock.

Rating: 9/10

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