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"Crush" Review 26 October 2000
I'ts not old...just older.

I'ts not old...just older.

A review by r.herrero /

Thanks for this album. It's all i can say.Because i met the song of my life , and i think the song of a lot of lives:"It's my life".It's the continue of "livin on a prayer", with the same spirit and soul.

Everybody needs to hear that "'s now or never..." and when I hear the whaoo , whaoo i feel the blood running in my vains like i was living the last second in my life.
This is a great song in a great album.Yes, because this is a great album and only have one problem: it's a bon jovi's album and, since 1986 ,have a ghost to remember us that wonderful "Slippery...".

But we can 't forget that here are a few songs that we'll remember for the next 100 years.This is one , of course.It's the best Richie's solo , even better than "Dry County".

And "just older"...Silence please , lights , camera , action! this the Bon jovi's story!

Nobody has capture the spirit of a rock and roll band like Jon in this song. They are growin and instead of feeling old , they meet a lot of reasons to belive in life and draw a great smile.It,s like that fantastic song of Bruce Springsteen , "Better days".

The ballads are allright , but "love song" , "lie to me" ,"bed or roses" and "i'll be there" are to much.
And "one wild night" is the song i want to hear in every disco every night from here to the eternity...
If this album change "She's a mistery" and "could make..." for "i don't want to live forever" and "Stay", we'll have
the best album of the 90's.

And if we put in an unreleased song like "Startin all over again" , we'll have the best rock album never seen.thanks.

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