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"Crossroad" Review 27 October 2000
This has 2 of the best BJ songs do you agree?

A review by David Beebee /

Hey, not long ago I commented on "These Days", to which I had a good response. It's nice to know there are more people that get the emotional depth of those songs!

Anyway I just wanna leave some thoughts on crossroads. I'll use a similar format to how other people rview here.

1. Living on a prayer:- The song is timeless, and (like wanted and bad name) does not have an 80's sound to it. It is very powerfull, and the harmonies on the bridge and the chord progs really get the hairs on the back of your neck going!!

2. Keep the faith:- I have read a lot of negative reviews of this song, but like the Keep the faith album in general, it's a meaningful rocking statement musically and emotionally.

3. Saturday Night:- This marks the start of the two amazing songs on this album. Saturday Night really has a gorgeous live sound to it, with such sad lyrics but bouncy rhythm! It really gets me going!

4 Always:- I can't say anything about this song that hasn't already been said. It's just genius. It again has the live sound to it, and the lyrics just make me wanaa cry. I think that even better than this studio recording is the version on the "Live From London" video, with the addtional lyrics at the ending "through the wind, through the snow, through the driving rain, i'll make my way home to you now baby baby etc..... is just so heart felt, JON is almost crying the emotion into these words and the whole band are climaxing behind him. I know this is their most famous, but to me it sounds like it should be on these days because of the emotional power of it!! Amazing stuff

5. Wanted:- Another timeless classic from yestur-year.

6. Lay Your Hands On Me:- A great hard rocking feel good song! Big GUITARS with BIG drums and just as BIG hair, only Bon Jovi can make it SO DAMN COOL.

7. Bad Name:- Another timeless classic pop-metal masterpiece, that makes you wanna be a rock star, to scream those lyrics down the mic in front of an audience of trillions.

I'm actually gonna stop here cause the versions of the album differ soon after.

Bon Jovi are two types of band to me. The first is the one that writes feel good rock songs that get the arean's pumpin' which is great (slippery, new jearsy). But the second band makes them timeless, and that is their emotional power, with these days keep the faith.

Tell me what ya think

David Beebee

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