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"New Jersey" Review 27 October 2000
The best album from BJ

Great album

A review by Steffen Risager /

Well. Here goes nothing. This is my third review of a BJ album. The first two were Crush and Crossroad.

My comments, song by song:

Lay your hands on me: Great song. In my review of Crossroad I gave it 9/10 because of the intro. But now I love the intro so a very solid, rocking 10/10.

Bad Medicine: Another great song. What can I say about it? 10/10

Born to be my baby: This song surprised me. When i first heard it in Gothenburg earlier thus year it was nothing special. Well, it is now. Another perfect 10/10

Living in a sin: I don't really like this. I always skip it. 7/10

Blood on blood: Listening to their stories about their youth is great and so is the song. Reminds me of Just older frem Crush. 10/10

Homebound train: Just like Living in a sin, i skip this one. I just don't like it. The worst song on the album. 6/10

Wild is the wind: Now this one is great. I'm not normally in to spanish guitar but on this track it's great. 10/10

Ride cowboy, ride: I've heard people say this is a filler. If it is, it's the best filler ever. 10/10

Stick to your guns: The follow up for Wanted. This song is great, especially the guitar in the start. 10/10

I'll be there for you: Another great song. The first ballad from Bon Jovi and which other band have made their first ballad is good as this one. If u know the answer, I would like to know. 10/10

99 in the shade: I've read a lot of reviews from people who don't like this one. I like it so give it another shot. 9/10

Love for sale: A great finisher. The speed is down and the great blues sounds make for an excellent finisher. 9/10

Well. That was my review of New Yersey the best BJ album besides Crossroad. 1988 was a great year...

Rating: 10/10

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