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"Crush" Review 27 October 2000
A Great One but not Quite the best

A review by Bill Coleman /

The album Crush is no doubt a great piece of work and in my review, I have given my thoughts on each song.

It's My Life is a heart stopping, rock anthem that makes makes you stop and thank God there is a Bon Jovi. I give it a 10/10.

Say it Isn't So is a different approach taken by Bon Jovi but I like it especially the chorus. 10/10

Thank You for Loving Me is no doubt the most heart grabbing song on the album. I think it is one of their best ballads ever right behind Always and I'll Be There For You. 10/10

Two Story Town sounds more like some of their older stuff, which in my opinion is a very good thing. 9/10

Next 100 Years is one of the songs I could do without. The lyrics just don't cut it and if it wasn't for Richie and his guitar solo, this would have gotten a lower score. 5/10

Just Older is a classic Bon Jovi song that is probably my favorite on the album just behind It's My Life. 10/10

Mystery Train is a good song that describes the mystery in trying to figure out women. For example in the line "You know everything about her but don't know her at all." 8/10

Save the World is the second best ballad with some kind of weird lyrics to say the least, but Bon Jovi can still make it good. 9/10

Captain Crash is an awesome song that I like more and more everytime I hear it. 10/10

She's a Mystery could have been replaced by any of the other demos off Crush as far as I'm concerned. If the song Stay was in it's place it would have gotten a ten. 2/10

I Got the Girl starts off slow but once it cranks up it makes it a great song. 8/10

One Wild Night is one of my favorite songs off the album. It rocks and says just to have fun and enjoy life. Obviously the most uptempo song on the album. 10/10

If I Could Make a Living out of Loving you is not what I expected when I first heard the title. I expected a slow song but instead got a rocker. 9/10

Neurotica is a good song and I really like the lyrics in this one. 8/10

Rating: 8/10

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