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"These Days" Review 6 November 2000
All I want is everything

Take 3

A review by ROK /

This is my third review under the "These days" album. Argueably it is the best BJ album. Not the most famous but the best, It gets me to wondering! Will BJ turn out another Album such as this and Keep the Faith? Or will the next album (If there will in fact be a next studio album) follow the lines of Crush?

Don't get me wrong Crush is a perfect album, but it lacks the music thickness of KTF and TD, personally I think If BJ don't get a UK NO.! with "Thank you for loving me" then they'll never have one. "Say it isn't so" was a flop in the charts! BJ have a chance to keep fame going by releasing a live album (Apparently, I'm not sure) in November sometime.

The reason I chose These Days review was because I think BJ could use another album like this...and it's my favourite album...Another like "TD" and a song like "Dry county" and I'll be happy!!

I bet not even The Flash could guess the meaning of my words hear!!!

Thanx for reading and send ev'ry comment you have!!!


Rating: 10/10

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