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"These Days" Review 8 November 2000
A classic album from a classic band...

Looking back on "These Days"

A review by Brian /

I'd have to say, out of all the albums I have, These Days is by far my favorite. From beginning to end, each song flat-out rocks. So I decided to break the album down track by track, to continue the trend set by all fans at this site:

Hey God - 9.5/10 - This song is one hell of a way to kick off an album. Great intensity, great guitar work, great lyrics. If this song doesn't knock you on your backside, you got problems.

Something for the Pain - 9.0/10 - This song is one of my favorite off the album. Love that guitar riff Richie throws down. One heck of a chorus on this song.

This Ain't a Love Song - 10/10 - Undoubtly their best ballad since Always. Although I could swear this song is a love song. Oh well...good title, great blending from verse to chorus.

These Days - 8.5/10 - Great piano work by David on this song. Great intro. This song is one I can relate to definitely.

Lie to Me - 9/10 - Kinda sounds like Jon is mimicking Stephen Tyler on the vocal timing just a little. But hey, go w/ whatever works. I liked it.

Damned - 11/10 - I's a little over the top. But it deserves it. The first time I heard this song...I was knocked on my backside. I was flattened. Just utterly flattened.

My Guitar... - 9/10 - I think everyone has felt this way one time or another. Perfect song for an album such as this. It was put right where it the middle..the heart of the album.

It's Hard Letting You Go - 8.5/10 - I think everyone at one point has found it hard to let go of something. What else can be said about this's pretty good.

Hearts Breaking Even - 10/10 - I loved this song the first time I heard it. It flat out rocks the house. It blows the speakers up with the crushing riff going into the chorus. Just can't hear it enough.

Something to Believe In - 9/10 - Another one of those everyone can relate to. It just strikes that chord that you can't deny.

If That's What It Takes - 9/10 - Everyone's used this line at least once. C'mon...I know you have.

Diamond Ring - 7/10 - Never really got this tune. So I can't say much about it.

Rating: 10/10

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