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"Crossroad" Review 22 May 2000
The First Ten Years

A review by J. Jack Flash

After 11 years and 5 albums Bon Jovi decided to release a compilation album. It was titled "The Best Of Bon Jovi Crossroad" and released in 1994. It became a smash hit everywhere in the world and was the biggest selling record in UK in ī94. It has 15 songs, 12 songs from the past 5 records, two new songs and Jonīs solo hit Blaze Of Glory. American tracklist has also Prayer ī94, but no In These Arms and Never Say Goodbye. You can find my reviews of the old songs from their original albums, but here are the two new songs:

I like that acoustic guitar all over the song. The lyrics are really good. Richies guitarwork is the best in here. Very relaxing and lightweighted song. It doesnīt take a long time and youīll be singing with this. Good to listen in a car. Excellent song.

Always was a huge hit everywhere, reaching the tops of the single charts all over the globe. Bon Jovi has done quite a lot of lovesongs, but this is the biggest of them by far. It is just so LARGER THAN LIFE LOVE SONG than anything can be. It is just over the top. It isnīt possible to go further from here. So simple meaning and lyrics; "I will love you forever". Lyrics arenīt very complicated. It isnīt a big effort for anyone to write a so simple song like this. This is something that Elton John would do. Anyway, itīs musically pretty solid. Each member of the band do a good job. Ticoīs drumming brings power to the song, Richieīs melancholic guitar is excellent, Davidīs piano great and Jon sings better than ever. Young girls love this song.
Itīs very hard for me to make up my mind with this. Itīs musically of course great and sometimes I like it very much, but then my mind says itīs too zerup to like that much. I still give it 9 points because itīs one of Bon Jovis biggest songs.

I would personally liked to see Iīll Sleep When Iīm Dead instead of In These Arms, and I think Richies Stranger In This Town would have deserved a room in the album too. But hell, what am I complaining? This album has the biggest hits of Bon Jovi. There isnīt a one bad song on the album.
This is a one big party from start to finish.
Of course I will give the full 10 points to a compilation album. Everyone should have this record.

Rating: 10/10

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