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"It's My Life" Review 9 November 2000
I just wanna live while I'm alive.......

A review by S.T.

Well, here it is, my review for the single "It's My Life".
While it has been said time & time again that it's practically another "Livin' On A Prayer", you have to admit, (well, at least I do , anyway!) that this is a really great song!!! When I first heard it, it blew me away. I luved hearing that talk box again. It always has such a nice addition to a song. You don't hear it very much in music these days. Very few musicians use talk boxes. Anyway, this is really a big favorite of mine. I look @ it as a fourth installment in the "Tommy & Gina" series. They are mentioned in "Livin' On A Prayer", "99 In The Shade", "Lie To Me", and "It's My Life". Although the album over all is good, I'm sorry to say it's not @ the top of my list. And while I'm @ it, here's my list of my fav songs & albums. Thanks for reading!!

Favorite Albums (in my order)

#1) "These Days"/"New Jersey"
#2) "7800 Degrees Fahrenheit"
#3) "Bon Jovi"
#4) "Slippery When Wet"
#5) "Keep The Faith"
#6) "Crossroad"
#7) "Crush"

Top 5 songs (not in any order)

#1) "Livin' On A Prayer"
#2) "Come Back"
#3) "Secret Dreams"
#4) "Homebound Train"
#5) "It's My Life"

Rating: 10/10

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