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"Crush" Review 13 November 2000
Crushing The Competition

A review by Trisha /


It has been 5 years, but the boys of Bon Jovi are back, and in my opinion, better than ever. These 12 tracks are some of the best songs Bon Jovi have put out, but I feel the need to say one thing before I break this down track by track. The omitted tracks, such as “Hush” or “Neurotica” would have had a fine place on this album, and most certainly should have been included. With that said, onto the songs that did make the cut.

“It’s My Life” – ah yes, the first single. I, for one, am not sick of this song yet, no matter how many times the local radio stations play it. I attribute that to the re-emergence of Richie’s talk box (of which I am so very fond). It has become an anthem and I can relate it to many times in my life. Great song. 10/10

“Say It Isn’t So” – I still wish that this would have been the second American single, but I digress. This song is fun and I enjoy it immensely. MTV should play the video, just for the hell of it, so I can see it on a regular screen as opposed to my computer screen. 10/10

“Thank You For Loving Me” – this is a beautiful song and I think it’s so well performed and well written. But I don’t think it should be a single. I don’t think people are going to really feel the song and they’re going to say it’s too slow. Sometimes I can agree, but when looking at the song as a whole, it is one of Bon Jovi’s finest ballads to date. 10/10

“Two Story Town” – I like this song, but I need to put it into the “kind-of-a-sleeper”
category, only cause when put up against some of the other tracks on the album, this one tends to get looked over. I enjoy it, but I don’t really go to my CD player and put it on. 8/10

“Next 100 Years” – when I saw Bon Jovi in Asbury this summer, they played this song, and all I can remember thinking was that it was too long. The string arrangement is very nice and I like its epic feel but all in all this is not one of my favorite Bon Jovi tracks. “Hush” or another track would have been nicer. 8/10

“Just Older” – there’s something about this song I really like. It’s real catchy and I like the idea of the guys playing a song about them getting older and being comfortable with it. I like this song. 10/10

“Mystery Train” – I don’t really know what to say about this one. I kinda think that the way Jon says “mystery train” has a funny ring to it, but that’s not really saying anything about the song. It’s not bad, but not overtly great either. 9/10

“Save The World” – as I have stated in the “These Days” review, there are songs on their albums that you just cant get into. I also said that there aren’t a lot of Bon Jovi songs I don’t enjoy. This one fits into both categories. I just don’t enjoy this song. I wouldn’t say that I hate or loathe it, but I almost always skip over it. Again, “Neurotica” would have been a better choice. 7/10

“Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars” – well my friends, we have come upon my favorite song on the album. This song is funny and goofy and has a nice, sweet quality to it. The guys show us a little bit of their…off-kilter storytelling style, shall we say? When I first looked at the CD case and read the titles, I knew that this was one I had to put on right away. Great, great, great, great song. 10/10

“She’s A Mystery” – you know when you’re in one of those moods where all you want to listen to are nice, slow, beautiful ballads? This has got to be one of the most perfect songs for that kind of mood. I think the line “she wears wildflowers in her hair and throws them to the sea, she’s the beginning and the end of me” is just a wonderful line. 10/10

“I Got The Girl” – This is one of the sweetest songs. If I were Stephanie, I would absolutely love that this song was written for me. This is just so sweet; I can’t say anything more about it without going overboard on how sweet it is. 10/10

“One Wild Night” – this is my second favorite track on the album. I like the beginning; kinda makes you sit back and go “what the hell…” but then the rocking edge kicks in and the song is just FUN. This is a great party song. And then the end…the end is hilarious, even if I don’t understand where it fits in. I’m glad they chose to keep this one. 10/10

Rating: 10/10

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