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"Crush" Review 23 May 2000
It's a very good album,but incomplete

Good,but it lacks epics

A review by ARNOLDŽ /

CRUSH is the ultimate Bon Jovi album and it really shows maturity in the band.The lyrics are very good (Just older got the deeper lyrics an Two Story Town comes in second) as well is the guitar (Next 100 years) and the piano (Thank You for Loving Me).

But despite the good tunes what I relly missed in this album are the epic or social songs like Dry County, These Days,Keep the Faith or Hey God.The only two songs that try to rescue a little of that feeling but losing by far are It's my life and Just Older.

Mystery Train could have been a song that makes us think about the continuity of life because of its style but it only refers to a woman that has a particullary way in her acts (weel, not so particular).

In my opinion,Just Older is the best song in the album (I expected it would be Next 100 years) and really deserves to be mentioned as a classic and a has the real Bon Jovi's soul.It should have 2 or 3 more songs like this.

Rating: 7/10

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