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"Crush" Review 17 November 2000
What in the world happened to Bon Jovi??

A review by Alyssa

This album is an alrightl album, Jon vocals are a bit different but great, Richie, well never mind. I have been a fan from their very first album, they displayed SUCH energy, really knew how to rev up a crowd, and really gave us great songs, and most important of all they were VERY fan oriented. Anyone who was a fan way back when hi-tops and big combs in the back pocket were cool can tell you that. I just recently seen them in concert and was absolutly horrified!!!! First of all their versions of the old 80's songs which made them famous, they did not sing or play them like they are sung on the album, they played almost the entire Crush album note for note, and beat for beat. Cheesy stage acts, only posing for photo ops, remember when they were well known for their stage presence, forget it now. Do not waste your money or your time. This album crush is a blow to their old fans, they are no longer interested in us fans who not only loved their music, but made them what they are today. They are now saying, screw all you who made us what we are we are more focused on who can make us the most money, but thanks anyway. I just cannot believe this!! It REALLY blows my mind!!! The concert, this album...NOT bon jovi!!

Rating: 5/10

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