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"Crush" Review 17 November 2000
reply to kenny's crush review

A review by divya

dear kenny

i am also from india and i cant tell you what a relief it is to know there are people in india who worship this band as much as i do.i enjoyed reading your review.the only thing is that excluding the tracks its my life,say it isnt so and captain crash and the beauty queen from mars i havent heard the rest of crush.i do not own the album as yet for reasons entirely to absurd to mention and i am awaiting the day impatiently when i can form my own opinion about the album.until then you have given me a rude shock!

i always wondered why bands did not cover bon jovi songs!
personally they are the only band i enjoy playing!!
i have to agree that these days is their best album.
and though i like their current sound i grieve for my old livin on a prayer long haired bon jovi!
however i trust this band completely and i refuse to believe that their music has become commercial.thats what sets bon jovi apart from other bands for heavens sake!!

i mean bands like the spice girls( who for some absurd reason seem to be played more than bon jovi )could be a toothpaste product the way the market themselves.but with bon jovi it has always come straight from the heart and as a
dedicated fan i have to keep the faith about crush!i know that they will not disappoint me.they couldnt possibly.i just wish that all this waitin and wantin would come to an end and i could listen to it!
keepin the faith...
ps-it was a very well worded article but i guess you were sayin things i didnt wanna hear!!

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