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"Crush" Review 19 November 2000

Bon Jovi is an outdated boyband...And is STILL far far away from the good music.

A review by Real ROCK N GOOD MUSIC FAN /

Well, of course in this site, their new album Crush (God, what an original name !!!) had a great review, just because itīs a site dedicated for fans...But in the real world, this album is no more than mediocre or stupid...Of course many of fans will tell it sold millions and millions, but so do the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears...

No matter what some people may say (including Jon himself), Bon Jovi is a Boy band...The band always had the spirit built inside themselves (boys that does coreographies, smiles and faces)...They are the next step that Hanson can be 15 years from now (and the differences between Bon Jovi and Hanson NOW isnīt that great)...If Jon Bon Jovi had to say that they arenīt a boy band thatīs because many people say or think the same...

Neither Bon Jovi seems like a real rock band...It looks much more like a pop style that remembers Bryam Adams, Roxette, Savage Garden and The Corrs...All of them are nearly in the same level...JBJ said theyīre pure rock n roll...Still he had to say that...You never heard, for example, Anthony Kieds claiming that his Chilli Peppers are a rock band, simply because everybody knows that....

Jon Bon Jovi is a very luxury person and shouldnīt be...His performance in the movies arenīt great and in U571 many people didnīt notice when he died...He makes much poses like he is a super model and his hair is....well..ridiculous...

Their new album is outdated and the only a little more mature song is Two Story Town..In the other songs, Jon screams like a girl...or a gay, I donīt know...

So, if u like good music avoid Bon Jovi...If u like good rock, then listen Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, U2, Metallica ...Theyīre REAL rock bands...Bon Jovi still is (and want to be) a boy band near (or over!!) 40 years everyone in the group...

Rating: 2/10

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