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"Crush" Review 20 November 2000
bon jovi not rock?

bon jovi are rock.....

A review by keith /

As a reply to that idiot who says bon jovi arent rock? ,he as mostly wrong , bon jovi ARE rock my friend , but they are commercial rock , still , they are rock ,listen to crush , the lyrics are great ,and the music is sound , its a good album , but bon jovi are in all other departments , like boy bands in there image , but image is nothing , music is everything , as for his acting career , dont say "every1 didnt even notice him die" , state your own opinion ,but dont try and state other peoples , ok? , and as for u2 and metallica real rock? , HA , u2 are more of an image that bon jovi ,what about pop mart? , and metallica ,have u seen the bullshit i disapear , commercial commercial commercial.. , only good rock band that i know that isnt commercial is IRON MAIDEN ,have a listen you might like em , thats all i have to say....

Rating: 9/10

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