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"Crush" Review 20 November 2000
Message for Divya and other Indian fans

A desire to know who my co-fans are

A review by Kenny /

Dear Divya,
It's equally pleasant for me to know that there are people in India who're serious Bon Jovi fans. Like I said, it's not much use having fans who listen to Backstreet Boys as well, but you're a true blue fan. Thanks for writing.
A few small things first. Do go and buy Crush. It may not be their best, but if you buy it without expecting a hard rock album, you won't be disappointed, because the songs are really very pleasant.
You're right to say that there's no way Bon Jovi's music can be called commercial.
Thanks for the compliments about my article, and although they were things you didn't wanna hear, they weren't things that I felt good about writing either.
Anyway, why don't you contact me: I have a gut feeling you live in New Delhi. I want to know what kind of a fan base Bon Jovi has in India, and whether there are musicians who won't mind playing their songs. I'm in my 2nd year B Tech at IIT Delhi. (IITians have a terrible reputation of being a frustrated lot; let me tell you I'm not one of them).

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