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"Crush" Review 20 November 2000
Rock 'n' Roll

Higher explanation to lower minds!

A review by TheFlash /


Fist of all, I need to state that even though this isn't a forum like some intent to, I feel I need to post my opinion for someone who posted his, cause after all, we should give poor people what they need, and who I'm referring to needs feedback.

So, heres the topics:

1. Jon said that Bon Jovi are not a boy band:
If you are so interested, try reading the whole review! Jon said Bon Jovi are a man band, not that they aren't a boy band. If you listen to Just Older, which I believe you don't know what it is, you'll see what he meant.

2. Jon said that Bon Jovi are Pure Rock 'n' Roll:
That's true, he did. You even bothered to know why? If you see the context, you'll see that was an answer when the interviewer asked him what did he thought about BackStreet Boys and Britney Spears apearing on the cover of Rolling Stone. After all, Jon thinks, and has an opinion, unlike some other so called musicians in the music biz.

3. "Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, U2, Metallica":
Lets start with the true stuff. Pearl Jam and the Stones, are Rock bands, that's right! Good ones too. About Metallica, I don't know who sold you that idea, but you should ask for refunds... Rock 'n' Roll?? Heavy Metal maybe, Hard Rock, ok, but Rock 'n' Roll??? And now, for the big ones... U2, my second favorite band, just to tell you I'm no stranger to them.

I believe the last time you heard U2, was in 1987, when they released their last Rock album, The Joshua Three. After that, they had Achtung Baby, which is half Rock half Metal that can still be included. From this one on, we had Zooropa (hybrid techno/pop) and Pop (hybrid Pop/dance)

Ah, maybe you meant the greatest hits, but you forgot that one is only from 1980-1990. And as for the new one, All That You Can't Leave Behind, it's a great album, which I own, but has only one song Real Rock - Beatiful Day.

4. About Jon/Hanson:
Well, I hadn't laugh so much since I read someone telling that a rich man can't sing about a poor one. Bon Jovi always did cared about they're image, maybe because they have an image to care... Something strange is that choreography you meantioned. Of course, Tico's drumming, is like a dance, or better yet, a ballet, after all, it's perfect. David playing those keyboards... I gotta ask him to teach me those moves someday! And Richie, playing guitar like NOONE else can, it's like flying in the wind. And Jon... He dances just like... I don't got words...
You want a tip? Get real! If you don't like it, great, you have the right no listen to garbage instead (and by garbage, I don't mean the band).

About them selling millions and millions of albuns (about 6 millions before even the 3rd single is released) I can only say that who buys it, aren't just the little girls and boys to admire the bodies... Check out the statistics!


Rating: 10/10

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