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"Crush" Review 22 November 2000

A review by Lina /

Ok i know that there will always be people who don't like a Cd, and there is nothing a person can do to change that opinion. But one thing that has really upset me about the fans opinion of Crush is that they think the Cd has to be like all the others. It doesn't. Bon Jovi makes records that they like with songs that they like on it. And if people don't like it good for you, then don't listen to it and say "bon jovi sucks in the 90's", because that is bullsh**. Bon Jovi has grown up, matured and there songs show that...they can't always sing songs that were hits in the 80's.

Now for those that say that Bon Jovi has gone commercial, your point? Who cares...they still sing great songs, who cares if they are more commercial than before. That doesn't change who they are as a group. Maybe Bon Jovi wants to reach more fans, wider age groups, and going commercial is a way to do that these days. Now i am not saying that they have gone commercial, because i don't think they have, but even if you think they have, what is wrong with that? You get to see more of the band and hear more of their songs if they are more commercial.

Now my opinion of Crush is that is a great album, they sound different, but they are still Bon Jovi, nobody can recreate Jon's voice and Richie's guitar playing. And shouldn't that be what matter's? If you are a TRUE Bon Jovi fan, it shouldn't.

Rating: 9/10

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