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"Crush" Review 22 November 2000
don't spit on this great band.BJ:the best band ever

people understand less than nothing about good music

A review by bongiovino /

i don't know what people are tryin' to say.

they say Crush is bj's worst album and things like that.
i love this new album but if u don't like it, don't buy it. that's all.

and then i don't understand what's wrong with people who say jon has a strange hair style.
it doesn't seem to me to be that strange thing.
he has been blond for many years. so, why didn't u say the same things in 1995 when jon(like my sister)
had a longer and blonder hair style?
everybody has the freedom to have his own style,ok?

they say he looks like a gay.
ah, are they tryin' to be funny or what?

they say: jon looks like a top model.therefore the album is shit.

they say: Crush doesn't sound like Slippery.

wake up people!!!!

jon&company have matured and they would be out of date if they didn't change their style!!!!!

they say: they're a commercial band. if u sell about 80,000,000 albums.... and Slippery (for example)
did 17,000,000..u become a commercial band,ok?

so,gimme a non-commercial band cos i don't find one on Earth.

people would like to see jon out of the charts to be happy cos they produced a great non commercial album.

they say bj are a boy band.
ah, i'd say a matured male band

they say: U2 are a rock band. well,they were. tell me : is U2's POP a rock album? i don't think so.
is U2's new single a pure rock song? i think it's not bad put it's pop. it's my life seems to me to be a truly
rock song.

Rating: 9/10

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