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"These Days" Review 22 November 2000
the best album ever


A review by Jon /

about this album ,the best album ever for any band,singer
male,female whatever.not the best for bj
and here are the songs with comments

-Hey god:great rocking song,jon is a great writer ,10/10

-Something for the pain:one of the best music of the album
really great sound good lyrics 10/10

-This ain't a love song:beautiful lyrics ,u feel like jon wanna cry in the chorous 11/10

-These days:everything in this song is great but for sure the greatest music in all bj songs great guitar and the lyrics are really effective 11/10

-lie to me:it is known 'bout this song that it is one of bj's best ballads and it is you don't ask him for more 10/10

-Damnd:very nice song really great,but unlucky to be in such a great album and this makes people don't give a fu*k for it 9/10

-my guitar lies:great guitar u feel like u wanna kick this world's ass and u're holding a cigarett in one hand with a bottle of whiskey and in the other hand your pen trying to write a song but really great song 10/10

-it's hard:my favorite song of the album really great lyrics combined with great vocals and sound 11/10

-hearts breaking even :beautiful love song jon really give it a push with his performing to it (like TAALS)10/10

-something to believe in: it is Hey God part 2 he felt that god won't give a damnd care for him so he lost.....9/10

-if that what it takes:good song not one of the best 9/10

-daimond ring:beautful song cool 9/10

-bitter wine: one of the best shouldn't be a bonus great lyrics 10/10

i rate the album 11/10

Rating: 10/10

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