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"Crush" Review 23 November 2000
great album

A review by richie /

well bj it's been five and he made a great come bach with his crushing CRUSH.great album.we needed such a marvelous album just to remind us of real songs and these are the songs with comments

-It's my life:the best choice for the first single but not the best of the album but real great music makes u wanna dance as long as u 're listening to it.10/10

-say it isn't so:another good song, it has a new way of performing i mean the music ,the way jon sings in it is great and the lyrics are really meaningfullll.10/10

-Thank you for loving me:reminds us that jon can still write great ballads and if it comes to me this song has tobe number one in the charts everywhere coz it is realyy great.everyone should listen to it when he is kissing his girlfriend and after this send me an e-amil telling me how did it taste.real love pure true shakespearean love.12/10

-Tow story town:i feel like the guy in the song .i fits me the most.great lyric with powerful chorous and marvelous music.guitar.11/10

-Next 100 years:great music.the solo is the best part of the song.cute lyrics not jon's best but still this sond a great work.9/10

-just older:it sounds like Blood on blood,and the great rock songs.this is the whole story of the album.10.5/10

-mystery train:great guitar,i mean the music is powerfulll
lyrics really great but not one of the best of the album but still tastes good 9/10

-save the world:here comes the best song in the album .yes it is .one of the greatest ballads ever.i think it wasn't chosen as the soundtrack replaced by Aerosmith great song i don't wanna miss a thing for Armagadon because it
wouldn't get some great chart position(not commercial)
now the song is really outstanding,marvelous ,great and everything in this song is well organized and well done.
the best, man jon still has the great talent in writing such great ballads.12/10

-captin CRASH:feels good ,funny and great 9/10

- she's a mystery:oh cool cute beautiful song.9/10

-i got the girl:good song could or should i guess must be replaced by stay the great song (11/10 for stay) 7/10

-one wild night:ohhhhhh rororocking great 10/10

-if i could make aliving out of loving you:gooooood song

bj Thank u for giving such great songs

Rating: 10/10

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