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"Crush" Review 23 May 2000
Worth Waiting

A review by TheFlash /

Well well!
Five years of waiting can make a fan desperate, but believe me you, it was worth waiting! The album is coming out in portugal only on may 31st, but I already listened to most songs and have only 2 thing to say:

Against it: The demo track "You can't loose at love SHOULD be in the album, for it is fantastic"

In favour: Even though "Always" will always be the best song, as a whole, it's the most fantastic album ever written by them! Really fantastic!

As a deeper review, all I can say is that these songs have that little something that makes us wish we had wrote them ourselves! I'm also a song writer, and even though I know I will never be even near to Jon and Richie, I know that these songs are written with the same feeling I would put on them if I did write them!

Thank you BON JOVI, your contribute to the music world and in particular for my own writing!

Rating: 10/10

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