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"Crush" Review 29 November 2000
we kept the faith and here is our reward!

Another fantastic album... got me head-banging right away!!!!!

A review by tango /

Bon Jovi are back!!!!
I waited for five long years for this album and nothing has been more worth the wait. What I love about Bon Jovi songs is that everytime you listen to them, they get better and better and Crush is no exception.

It's My Life is a fantastic opener and a song that will appeal to anyone... whether thay are a new BJ fan or an old die hard or whatever. I've heard so may people say it a copy of Livin' on a Prayer.. but I don't agree. Just because Tommy and Geena are in mentioned and Richie's wooah wooah sounds are found throughout doesn't make it the same.
This is a fantastic song and one of the best on the album.
Say it isn't so was a a song that I didn't take much notice of when first listening to the album, but now, after the millionth time, it's one of my favourites... a great catchy song that I can't help singing along to....
Of all the songs on the album, the one that really made an impact on me was next 100 years. I thought from the start of it that it was a great song, but wow! what an ending! I found myself with the volume up to the last, head-banging, playing air guitar and all that sort of thing and it felt just like the first time I heard the solo on Dry County!
Absolutely amazing!

I though that over all, the album really showed that Bon Jovi have grown up, matured, but they are still Bon Jovi.. they can still write songs that make you melt, songs that make you want to dance, songs that can put you in a good mood, songs that can put you in a sad mood.. basically they can affect you.. whatever your reaction is, Bon Jovi can MAKE you react!

Bon Jovi haven't changed who they are to be " in " with the music scene... as Jon himself said, they are a man band, not a boy band! They have kept the faith!
Crush is a true reflection on this.
It's a top album, 10 out of 10!

Rating: 10/10

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