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"Slippery When Wet" Review 29 November 2000
The best album?

The real breaktrough

A review by Steffen Risager /

This was the album that really gave Bon Jovi the international breaktrough. It was all about Livin' on a prayer, You give love a bad name, Wanted and Never say goodbye. But they weren't the whole album. Here is a walktrough, song by song.

Let it rock: Kinda reminds me off Lay you hands on me from New Yersey, because of the intro. 10/10

You give love a bad name: What can I say about this song. It's so great. About a fake girl selling love. Genious. 10+/10

Livn' on a prayer: The best song ever made. So simple is that. 11/10

Social Disease: The only song I skip. I don't like the intro. I don't like the song. I don't like it. 4/10

Wanted: The first and best cowboy song by Bon Jovi. When I saw the version from MTVVMAm I started cry. It was so beatifull. 10+/10

Raise your hands: Great rock song. Unfortunatly it just lacks the last to be perfect. 9/10

Witput love and I'd die for you: Those are two songs, that just lacks the last bit, in making it to a perfect ten. 9/10

Never say goodbye: The second best ballad by Bon Jovi.

"Remember when we lost the keys?
And you lost more that that in my backseat"

It's so short, yet so powerfull. 10+/10

Wild in the streets: Great at finishing the album. 10/10

This album is the closest you come to a perfect 10. It could just as well have been a greatest hits cd. Well, in a way it is...

Rating: 10/10

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