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"Crush" Review 1 December 2000
What a Comeback!!!

A review by Simon /

Crush is for sure one of the great Bon Jovi's album.
After These Days (a more adult kind of album I personaly think), they came back big time baby with "It's my life"
the best rock song written by the group since "keep the fait". "Say it isn't so", "Captain Crash", "Mystery Train" are two very good pop song. When you talk about "Thank you" and "Save the World" it reminds you the old great ballads "I'll be there for you" and "Never say Goodbye".

"Two Story Town","Just older","I got a girl" are a proof that bonjovi still can make rock songs. What about "Next 100 years" a guitar solo that reminds us "dry county".
"One wild Night" just Kick ass, is my favorite song after "its my Life". The only one that did not touch me at all "She's a mystery" probably too slow.

I still listen to Crush every single day, and it will be the same for a couple of months I think....


P.S.If you want to transfer some mp3 of bonjovi I have more that 140 demos and live version...

Rating: 9/10

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