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"Crush" Review 4 December 2000
hmm? where does it rank?

Bring it on Bon!

A review by Maxibon /

Well, its been a while hasn't it since the last Bon Jovi album. All i keep reading in the press is "It's not as good as slippery", well why is that a valid point?.The Rolling Stones dont rewrite "exile" every time they release an album and nor should they be expected to. Crush sits majestically on top of my personal bon jovi play list currently, as it is a fine example of good old guitar music. There is no "wanted dead or alive" but god, bon jovi did enough with that one song to warrant respect from that day forth. "Mystery train" is a band who have undergone a succesful partial re-invention and maintained and built upon their fanbase. At Wembley the new songs sat easily with the classics and very few bands would hope to get a stadium going like that these days. When a band like bon jovi release an album, i personally thank the axe wielding almighty for a breath of good old rock and roll in a world besieged by bands getting to number one on the strength of their dance routine. Most of todays bands wouldnt know a quaver from a pringle and further praise be to all things Bon Jovi for as John Lennon said ..."There is nothing conceptually better than rock and roll!", rock on!.

Rating: 7/10

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