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"Crush" Review 25 May 2000
There best yet!!!

A review by Kevin Bertman /

After months of waiting I have finally got my hands on a Japanese version of Crush. Upon hearing the record for the first time you will notice that it is a rock album, very uplifting. No doubt most people will have heard the first single "It's My Life" by now which wouldn't be out of place on Slippery When Wet, very anthemic and catchy, which is dominated by Richie's talk box guitar effect. Other songs of a similar style include One Wild Night, If I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You and Neurotica. For the unfortunate people who live in countries (ie USA) whos version doesn't contain these two bonus tracks, it is worth buying the album just for these songs.

For people who like it when Bon Jovi try something just a little different like Something For The Pain then check out Say It Isn't So, a rather quirky pop tune. Strangely the lyrics at the beginning have been changed from 'There's no Santa Claus' to 'I just can't believe', anyone who heard a preview version of this song would notice this. One of the best songs on the album is Two Story Town, a song which Sambora really wanted to be on the album. It has a brilliant verse, a good chorus and is well sung by Jon.
The big ballad on the album is Thank You For Loving Me, it is also likely to be the biggest hit when released as a single, with the potential to be as big as Always. It is an emotional song which mainlly features the piano and strings, with very little guitar.
Next 100 Years on the other hand is the albums guitar highlight. This sounds a bit like Hey Jude by the beatles, one thing that the Beatles never had though is a talented guitarist like Richie Sambora who plays an absolutely amazing solo, mixed with a sixty peice orchestra, at the end.

For anybody who followed Jon Bon Jovi's solo career then they would probably know the song Just Older which was sung on his small tour. The only difference is a slight lyrics change and obviously the band, far better than the solo band. The emotionless lightweight guitar work of Bobby Bandeira comes nowhere close to the powerful, emotional playing of Sambora. If you liked Blood On Blood or Undiscovered Soul then you will love this far better song.
Other songs on the album include Mystery Train, Save The World and She's A Mystery, none of which would seem out of
place on These Days, showing the mturer side of Bon Jovi.
The final song to mention is Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars, which sounds a bit like an indie song, definitely the weakest song on the album.

Overall there is something for everyone here. Both fans of there older stuff and fans of there newer stuff should love this album, it also has the potential to win them even more fans. The only problem is where do Bon Jovi go from here? It would be extremely hard to top this album whilst still doing something different.

Rating: 9/10

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