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"These Days" Review 7 December 2000

Takin' this to my grave

A review by JOHN NAULT /

I hope I can find the words that'll justify what this album means to me. During the summer of 1995 the very timely release of these songs connected to the deepest part of my being. 'These Days' became the soundtrack to my life. Having just fallen in and out of love with the most beautiful girl (physically anyway) I'd ever known and being dumped by her this album took me from the depths of my angst and shot me to the ecstatic heights of the belief in yourself. Some people call this album dark and depressing, and I could agree to an does that, but it very much has it's redeptive side. Many, many nights during '95's warm beautiful summer, this album was my favorite jogging companion. Many miles I took this record with me in my Walkman just after the sun went down and the moon came out...and every single time these powerful songs took me to a place of hope beyond the distress of a young man's another lost love. Here's what these tunes mean to me.

HEY GOD: Kicks the album into high gear right from the starting gate..."Hey God, do you ever think about me?" This is's always about asking that question.

SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN: Does Bon Jovi know me? This song is the blueprint of my existence! "When you feel like a headline in yesterday's news." This line has inspired me to write a screenplay about a young man in a dead-end newspaper job who believes the key to his happiness has been left behind in the past.

THIS AIN'T A LOvE SONG: This song is unbelievable...the emotion behind just pulls at your soul and doesn't let you go. This song is a elevates their songwriting to a godly level.

THESE DAYS: Being outside and under the stars during a jog to this song is incredible. "These days, the stars are out of reach." Running to this and hearing those words is like being in're begging to know who you are.

LIE TO ME: The album died very quickly in North America. I'll never know why. This was the third single into the album and it tanked! Why, why, why? This song is superb.

DAMNED: I can safely say that the hair on my arms stand on end when I hear this song. They played this when they came to Winnipeg in 1995. I couldn't believe it. It was like a personal gift being given to me. This one means the most to me.

MY GUITAR LIES BLEEDING: Probably my least favourite, but it still kicks ass when it goes into high gear. After Damned it sort of kills the momentum of the album.

LETTING YOU GO: I can easily remember seeing myself running...long paths, under a moon...this song was huge in my life. Every lyric in this song was about me...the guy in the tune was me! This should have been a single...and a huge hit.

HEARTS BREAKING EVEN: Great song, a powerful ballad...lyrically tells a great story. This put my heartache to ease many, many times...puts it all into perspective. "Did I throw away the best part of my life when I cut you off, did I cut myself with the same damn knife."

SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN: Jon's often called himself a recovering Catholic. I think this song says it all for him. "I'll face the night and I'll pretend I've got something to believe in." I think this is the true essense of spirituality. Often helpless, I think this is the very best we can do. It means that we're responsible for our own happiness. No religion, no drug can save can only save yourself.

IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES: A super song, very sweet.

DIAMOND RING: Jon sang this in Winnipeg in 1995 a capella. It was a very special moment. This closes the record perfectly.

In the end this record was very underrated and sadly ignored. North American record buying audiences are too fickle unfortunately. A band goes from selling a zillion copies of 'Crossroad' and then takes a beating on their next just isn't right.

Rating: 10/10

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