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"Crush" Review 7 December 2000
there's no love & no hate

this goes for all of you who wrote a review of "crush"

A review by Iddi /

Ever since Crush came out I started reading the reviews on this page.I must say that i don't fully agree with anyone of them,but there's one thing alot of fans keep saying over and over again,a thing i think you should all pay attention to.

Alot of fans,whether if they like Crush or not, keep on saying the'll love it if Bon Jovi would do something more like These Days or more songs like Dry County. Some even compare Bon Jovi to other bands saying that they should be more like them...

These Days is one of the greatest albums in the history of rock, it's wise, every song is different,most important - it rocks and it's ORIGINAL. I'll say it again - O-RI-GI-NALLL! Meaning - ONE of a kind.

That's,my BJ friends,is one of the greatest thing about Bon Jovi,they say sonething,take our breath away (literally...) and never say the same thing again,they always keep being original and fresh.If you liked These Days then you are more then welcome to take Crush out and put TD in your stereo.

Bon Jovi will not make another These Days - it was done,been there,done that,MOVING ON !!!!!

These guys wrote some great songs and they are the best (and highly unapreciated) rock band.But if Crush was another TD,or another SWW then it would surely suck.
Do you really want this band to sound like a broken record?!
And as for wanting BJ to sound more like other bands,as written in the "open letter to BJ", asking them to be more like Deep Purple or Metallica - here is another open statement to BJ - DON'T. They haven't spent 16 years of their lives trying to be someone else...

In conclusion - Bon Jovi Rocks! There has never been a band who said what they say in the way they say it and -
like Frankie said - they did it there way and -
like Jon said - there's no love , ther'se no hate ,i left them there for you to take , but know that every word was a piece of my heart.

Waiting for the next 100 years

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