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"Crush" Review 11 December 2000

A review by Queen of Swing /

And so this the new Bon Jovi release after 5 years...well, maybe they could wait another couple of years and do something better!!! How could they say that Crush is their best album ever? It's so empty, it has no sound...what about Richie's great guitar solos, Jon's powerful voice? Some songs are real pathetic, banal and insignificant...I really miss Slippery When Wet, New Jersey and also the latest Keep the faith and These Days!
So, here you are the rates for every track:

1-It's my life 8/10: One of the two best songs of the album, brilliant and potent even if a little bit commercial...

2-Say it isn't so 5/10: I think it's been a wrong choise use this song for the second single, if IML was powerful SIIS it's a really children' song! With sooo banal lyrics..

3-Thank you for loving me 6/10: Maybe they wanted to do a second "Always" but this is another story...

4-Two story town 6/10: It reminds me Joan Osborne's "One of us"! Not different to many others today's pop songs.

5-Next 100 years 5/10: Do records like this for other 100 year? Please, no...Simply banal.

6-Just older 7/10: An optimistic song, with nice lyrics..."like a favourite pair of torn blue jeans, the skin I'm in it's alright with me"...And here I finally recognize Richie's Fender!

7-Mystery train 4/10: Orrible, how could Jon write stuff like this?

8-Save the world 5/10: Sooooo patetic! Maybe they were drunk!

9- Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen from Mars 6/10: Not a bad song, but it doesn't leave any sign in my brain!

10- She's a mystery 4/10: The same review of Mystery train.

11- I got the girl 3/10: My God, these aren't Bon Jovi...I really don't know what to write to review this "track".

12- One wild night 8/10: With IML the best song of the album. Desmond Child's hand is unmistakable!

Some b-sides, like Neurotica, Hush, Stay and many others, are absolutely better than some Crush' songs...why did they reject them?!??!

The last thing that I wanna say is that this sould seems a Jon Bon Jovi's album not a Bon Jovi one.

Rating: 5/10

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