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"Undiscovered Soul" Review 12 December 2000
"When you walk that road, you walk alone, just an Undiscovered Soul in the great unknown"

The man is a genius

A review by Keefie /

Oh how I wondered for a long time about the musical capabilities of Mr. Sambora, Doubting that his voice would be anywhere near that of Jons!!! OH HOW I WAS WRONG!!

The songs here are not anything like that of "Stranger in this town", the bluesy-soulful rock has been disgarded to make way for songs that would fit well with Bon Jovi, of course you expect Richie to be playing that Guitar with his great ability but you don't expect Richie to have a voice like he does!!!

On "Stranger in this town" Richie lets loose his voice run loose and it makes you feel good inside to hear the man who is really behind Bon Jovi's exciting music to have a better voice than Jon!!! In my view, Richie is the Greatest(Next to Freddie Mercury and Queen)

Back to business: -

This Album is not a dissappointment, the music is really enjoyable, to me the album lacks a "Rosie" or my all time favourite "Ballod Of Youth", but Songs like "Who I Am", "Undiscovered Soul" and "If God was a women" really make you get behind the music. The soft Ballods like "Fallen From Graceland" and the showy guitaring of "Harlem Rain"...The man is a genius.

I give a copy of my top five albums and songs in my reviews as it changes so here it is: -

Top 5 Albums:

5)Innuendo (Queen)
4)Queens Greatest Hits 2
3)Keep The Faith
2)These Days/Crush
1)Stranger in this town/Undiscovered Soul

Top 5 Songs:

5)These are the Days Of Our Lives (Queen)
4)Stranger In This Town
3)Dry County
2)The Show must Go on (Queen)
1)Ballod Of Youth

Thanx for reading my review, I suggest we make use of the new fascilities being provided by and this Friday (15th Dcember) around 21:00 GMT I'd like to invite some of you to join me in discussing our views on the Band and it's individuals in Jovichat.

Thanx again

ROK (Keefie)

Rating: 10/10

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