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"Crush" Review 15 December 2000
No the best, but a good one.

A review by Ana. /

O.K, I think that everybody here is being a little unjust with the band. Iīm agree, Crush isnīt the best album, maybe is a little bit comercial and diferent, but everything evolutionates and changes with time. They have talent, theyr'e unic and thatīs never going to change.

Crush is a good album, it is positive, and it makes you have a good time listening to it. Maybe the lyrics are not that deep, like the These days ones but you write what you feel in the moment, Jon said that he lives his records 25 hours a day, These days is more depressing and we couldnīt compare any BJīs album with Crush.

(Iīm sorry about the possible mistakes, my english is not so good)

Always keeping the faith.

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