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"Blaze Of Glory" Review 17 December 2000
Blaze Of Glory Soundtrack--I've got my favorites...

Focusing on some certain tunes that just capture me...

A review by S.T. /

While I have to say that the songs on this one are good, I wanted to focus for a minute on the songs that are some of the most brilliant songs I've ever heard.

Track #4- "Blood Money"
This is one song that never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Even though the song is a short 2min34secs long, there's alot of power in those lyrics. "I wonder what would have happend if you were the killer and I was the hero, would things be the same?" That's powerful! And the part in the chorus "....cause money for blood,ain't no fair exchange, blood money bought and then sold you but your concience is all you can take to your grave...." OH MAN! those are powerful words in one sentence! A song I think shoud've been on "Crossroad" !

Track #5 "Santa Fe"
Here's one that's full of powerful words. Beautifully orchestrated. "Once I was promised absolution, there's only one solution for my sins, you got to face your ghosts and know with no illusion,that only one of you is going home again..." oh my GOD! now that says a lot right there! One of the best verses in the song.

Track #6 "Justice In The Barrel"
My absolute favorite song off this album. I really like the Native American chanting at the beginning. I truly think this song has the most powerful lyrics on the entire album. I can't say I have a most favorite lyric , cuz then I 'd have to just write down the entire song! It's that powerful to me!

Well, that's my review. I just wanted to point out the best songs that are on this album!

Until then, PEACE!!


Rating: 10/10

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