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"Crush" Review 26 May 2000
Worth Waiting - Part II

Individual song reviews

A review by TheFlash /

OK! For those who didn't noticed, there's a first review I made in this page! Check it out!

This one I will do AFTER listening to the whole CD, minus the japanese bonus track Neurotica (that one I did put my ears on yet).

After listening to the whole album, my opinion about it just grew more and more! The Best by FAR!

1. It's my life
The best start they could have chosen to the album! It tells just as good the rest will be! Real Rock " Roll in the great BJ Stytle! Great lyrics, but as it says itself, it's not recomended for broken-hearts!
Rating: 10/10

2. Say it isn't so
Definately not the same BJ style, but still BJ! I wouldn't say it's great, but it is really good though! The chorus, now that's great, really up-lifting! Again, good lyrics, like standard in a BJ song! The weakest song of the album, but still really good!
Rating: 8/10

3. Thank you for lovin' me
First Power-Ballad of the album! Take Lie to me's feeling, Bed of Rose's lyrics quality and Always's power and you have this one! I've read reviews of it being better than Always. It's not! But it definately stays at Always right arm! Simply great! One of the album's best!
Rating: 10/10

4. Two story town
Great lyrics, great guitar, great beat! Even though it's not nealry alike, somehow, it's feeling reminds me Destination: Anywhere! Richie really shine's this one! Wouldn't say it's same BJ style, but definately BJ! As Jon said when they released Keep the Faith, they gotta push the envelope a little further!
Rating: 9/10

5. Next 100 years
Whoever likes Oasis, this is the song for you! For the others, like myself, who doesn't dig it a lot, just read the rest! Basicaly, this is inspired by the Beatles like Oasis music is but, personally I think, far better! Really great song. Great lyrics, Richie proves again is the best, and the ending is just overwhealming! Great song!
Rating: 9/10

6. Just Older
Years from now, this will be remembered as an all-time classic! There's not much to say from here! I believe Jon is telling us, with this one that he and the band are here to stay! They're not old, they're older and improoved! They have so much more to give and they are showing it with this whole album! Nothing more than fantastic! Real Rock and Roll from the Slippery times, but with the experience they have now! The continued saga of Tommy and Gina still present!
Rating: 10/10

7. Mistery Train
Not quite a Ballad, but might be confused as one! It's slow, speaks of love. Somehow, I think this song is talking not about a girl, but about life itself! Very subtil great David's piano give's me chills! Really great, and grows inside everytime I hear it! Just fantastic!
Rating: 10/10

8. Save the world
The second Power-Ballad from the album! Inthe Thank you... review I said that was one of the album's best! Well, this is the other! Great lyrics, great beat, great piano, fantastic guitar and fantastic vocals! Has everything to be one of BJ's best lovesongs ever! Need I say more? From the first time I heard it until now, I just can't stop to sing it, at home, in the job, driving, whatever!
Rating: 10/10

9. Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars
Crazy lyrics, great rock song! Not same as I'll sleep when I'm dead, but has the same contagious joy to get us jumping! Great beat Tico! Reminds me a bit of Roxette's music, which I thing it's great so... Even Jon's voice get's similar to Per Glessle's! Jon REALLY does whatever he wants from his voice! Great!
Rating: 9/10

10. She's a mistery
There's a song they wouldn't be able to play back in the New Jersey days! Reminds me a bit of Diamond Ring! Really good song, with meaningfull lyrics and a great work from everyone in the band, specially Jon's voice!
Rating: 9/10

11. I got the girl
Somehow I always think in this one, Jon's is talking from a daughter, but it's from a love! Well written song great guitar, great beat, great everything! Really up-tempo, to get us moving!
Rating: 9/10

12. One wild night
This one rocks!!! Looks almost as an extract from the splippery/jersey time! If I didn't know better, this one would definately be one I'd relate to the long haired BJ! It's really great, simple great lyrics, great everything really! The chorus will be sang live over and over again, I bet you that! The 'naneanenanenane' will get Wembley's walls down very soon!
Rating: 10/10

13. I could make a livin' out of lovin' you
Great Rock Song! Reminds me somehow of Queen's We Will Rock You! It's not nearly the same, but the rythmn... Great lyrics and, well... Great everything! Again, great song!
Rating: 9/10

DEMO: Hush
Great crazy lyrics, crazy chorus, great piano, fantastic bass! Would sound really good on the album, but the only one I'd wanna trade from the album, Say it isn't so, would only be traded by the next song!
Rating: 8/10

DEMO: You can't loose at love
Great Ballad, that if they had if passes the demo fase, would make this album impossible to superate! This shows how much I just love this song!
Rating: 10/10

DEMO: I don't wanna live forever
This one reminds me All I want is everything, from These Days! Fantastic up-tempo song! Damned, if they could just have squeezed all these demos in the album! :) Great everything!
Rating: 10/10

OVERALL: As I said, the best BJ's Album! I'm a ballads fan myself, and even though this album only has three, I love it! I think this one was made, to "dedicate" to those great BJ fans, that dispersed with this 5 years break, and to those who said BJ were history! Along with Keep the Faith and Splippery when wet, Crush is the BJ way to say NO to everyone who thinks BJ are a joke! THEY'RE NOT!
Rating: 10/10

Rating: 10/10

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