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"These Days" Review 20 December 2000
essential bon jovi

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

A review by Djura

Out of all Bon Jovi records this one is the best.Bon Jovi prooves their quality with excellent guitar riffs by Richie Sambora ,dynamic drums by Tico Torres and more serious lyrics.This is in your face hard-rock. This album presents a more serious Bon Jovi-more mature. I mean common, just remember Bon Jovi in the 80's-a great band but the close and the hair style-MAN THAT WAS WEIRD!.Now, they look normal and I do not think their music had to do anything with the way they dressed. If you are a fan of a more faster sound than songs like "Hey God" and "Give me something for the payne" are for you. On the other hand if you like Bon Jovi for the heartbreaking ballads then"This aint a love song","Lie to me","Diamond ring" and "As my guitar lies bleeding in my arms.My personal favourite song is the title song "These Days."I guess this also is a ballad of some sort but one of the fastest ballads ever.Thats abou it. If you are a Bon Jovi fan you must have this album and if you are just a hard rock fan this is the perfect record to turn you into a Bon Jovi fan.

Rating: 10/10

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