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"Crush" Review 30 December 2000

Maybe really old?

A review by Alex_bg /

Even the kids knows who are the kings of the rock-BJ.But what they did with Crush?We see the guys in new light.
They have changed theyr stile.Not much,but enough.When I heard Crush for the first time I don`t like it at all.
I wait for 5 years and what did I get?Something not BJ.Something new,but not what I expected.I just want the old BJ stile.
I want something like Keep The Faith,like These Days becouse this are a wonderful CD`s.Maybe the guys are not just older,they are old?
I can`t say.I hope that the next CD will be real comeback of the guys,`cause Crush is NOT.I still like them ofcourse,but not like I did before.
So that is.Pray for the guys.PLEASE!!!.


Rating: 4/10

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