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"Crush" Review 2 January 2001
Change ain't nothing but change......

Change ain't nothing but change/just the faces and names...........

A review by Katie /

I admit, that when I first bought Crush, the only songs that really reminded me of previous BJ material were "It's My Life" and "Thank You for Loving Me." But I got around to accepting that change is inevitable; and yes, it is 2000 now, not the 80's or even five years ago. The band has matured and evolved, and so has the music. Just give yourself some time and you will end up loving Crush. You just can't expect it to sound like "Slippery." I am now in love with all of the songs except for "I've Got the Girl"---this is just a song that I would have bet my life that Bon Jovi would never write/play. The rest of the CD is fabulous, though. You can hear a lot of self-acceptance on it. I think Bon Jovi is coming full circle into their place in the new millenium. Listen again, knowing that Bon Jovi is just who they were in 1986, even in '95, "just older"....and their sound and style has evolved. KTF, Katie

Rating: 9/10

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