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"Crush" Review 3 January 2001
Lay your hands on ...Crush !

A review by Kevin /

I immediatly knew that this was an album i was gonna have to get used to when i bought it. But that didn't take long, as soon as i saw them blast out the Songs at Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne on August 22nd, i immediatly thought, wow, this is a great album. Despite some people saying that it wasn't a Bon Jovi album and it was very different and they thinked every song "sucked" on it, i make my own decision, and yep, you guessed it, i think its one helluva album. From the powerful ultimate rock song, 'Its my life' to the soft and sweet 'Thankyou for loving me', everything about the album is just 100% perfect. Its better than perfect. The powerful, crazy, brilliant and downright magnificence of Richie's guitar playing at the end of 'Next 100 years' is amazing. The soft suttleness of 'Thankyou for loving me' immediatly reminds you of 'Bed of Roses'. I have always liked a rock-power ballad, As soon as i heard November Rain by Guns N' Roses i knew that they were the songs for me. The great "Two story town" would definetly top charts if it were to be released, My sister, and her friends and my friends all love the song.

'Captain Crash and his beauty Queen from Mars' is another ultimate rock song, its a great sing-a-long song. 'I got the girl', One wild night and nearly all of them are other great songs. Perhaps a weak spot on the album was 'Save the world', which is still great, but maybe should have been dropped.

Rating: 10/10

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