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"Keep The Faith" Review 6 January 2001

A review by Asha /

In an era of flannel shrits and ganster rap; Bon Jovi are making their mark in the 1990s. The band has not released an album since 1988s platinum-selling record," New Jersey." During their hiatus Bon Jovi have advanced their music and changed with the times, no longer being the quintessential hair band.
The 1992 release of," Keep The Faith," is the return of 80s hard rock royalty. The albums songs are of determination, unity, and the love of rock and roll. Every song is pure rock and roll and each track has something the listener can take away from it. The epic song," Dry County," tells the story of the promised land gone bad and the spotlight stealing drum and guitar solo is hard rock majestry. " If I Was Your Mother," is a heavy metal influenced song of a deranged, obsessive, and needy love; truly a stand out track on the record.
" Keep The Faith," is something any Bon Jovi fan will enjoy hearing. The album can be listened to from track one to twelve without skipping a beat. There is not a listener of the record that will not think that this is the best record Bon Jovi has done to date. " Keep The Faith," has instilled faith in Bon Jovi fans that they are back, better than ever, and here to stay.

Rating: 10/10

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