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"These Days" Review 6 January 2001
Rock's Darkside

A review by Asha /

Following the success of their greatest hits album,
"Crossroads," Bon Jovi has released their brand new record,
"These Days." It is not a fun, light-hearted, rock and roll record. This album has more depth and darkness to it. The songs reach into the dark recesses of music, a place few dare to venture. The band is touching on the issues of society, love, pain, loss, and religion. Every track is a story worth listening to.
" Something To Believe In," is a song that gets into the hesitation people have when it comes to the uncertainty of what religion really is."This Ain't A Love Song," is a very different perspective on love lost. Its sad in the way that if someone does not suffer greatly from the loss of their love but embrace it then it could not be true love and its ok to let it go.
The fact that Bon Jovi is not making a typical rock and roll record but looking into the hardships of society and people makes " These Days," a truly worth while record. Its another phenomenal achievement from a band that shows no signs of stopping.

Rating: 10/10

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