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"Crossroad" Review 8 January 2001
The best album by anyone ever

this is my album - it has everything

A review by Jonathan /

Crossroads is the greatest as it has all the best songs by bonjovi except -

Santa Fe - this is a moving ballad with great guitar.

if i was your mother - this has a great heavy rock solo is is their most head bangingly good rock anthem.

born to be my baby - this has excellent lyrics "light a candle blow the world away, table for two one a tv tray, it aint fancy, ..."

Dry county - in my opinion this has to be their greatest song ever, bar none. I has agreat intro, warm solo, and class lyrics (you ask me if ive known love and what its like....)

Of the tracks on crossroads-

Livin' - their most infamous song to non fans (?) really emotional but who are tommy and gina ? - 10/10

keep the faith- a good rock song but stupid lyricks, ok solo 8/10

someday ill be saturday night - what r u doing jon. this sounds like country ! - 5/10

always- its a ballad but with a heavy rock backing and hard lyrics - 7/10

Wanted - it works well musically, i.e good tempo, 8/10

lay your hands on me - a bit cheesy but classic bon jovi (unlike the rest of new jersey) - 8.5/10

bad name - pure cheddar, but nicen heavywith a wicked solo - 9/10

bed of roses- for romantic bon jovi fans - a ballad witha nice solo - 7/10

blaze of glory - classic cowboy rock- one of their best i love the percussion/lead guitar intro - 10/10

inthese arms - cool lyrics a little soft on the heavy guitar and too fast - 8.5/10

bad medicine - silly words - 6/10

in and out of love - sunds like lay your hands on me - a bit dated - 7/10

ill be ther for you - my favourite ballad - 9/10

runaway - underrated and most non fans havent heard of it - 10/10

never say goodbye - a bit weepy but you gfotta love "u lost more than that in my backseat baby "! - 8/10

Rating: 10/10

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