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"Bon Jovi" Review 27 May 2000
Why hasn't ne1 done this yet

A review by MR /

Bon Jovi's first album, what else can i say really, in my opinion it's one of the best albums they've produced, and this album has set the sound of the band ever since.


1 Runaway, great song, up beat tempo, interesting lyrics. Not Bon Jovi as such, but definately worth it's place on the Album

2 Roulette, Like the start of this song. Fairly heavy again, relates love to the game of roulette, an interesting combination, but a great song nonetheless.

3 She Don't Know Me, Love the lyrics of this song, the only song i've seen on a Bon Jovi album not written by members of the band. Great song anyway, played well by the band.

4 Shot through the Heart, Starts softly, and gets heavier, the lyrics are great, as is the music, one of my favourites.

5 Love Lies, I Love this song, great piano throughout, i like this song the best of the album, and believe its one of Bon Jovi's best songs ever.

6 Breakout, Don't tend to listen to this one much, i don't think its one of the best songs from the album, but it has its charms

7 Burning for love, my second favourite song on the album, like the lyrics, generally good song

8 Come Back, I quite like this song as well, lyrics about losing at love,(aren't most of teh songs on the album??)

9 Get Ready, in my opinion the worst song on the album, but it's pretty good anyway.

overall this would be my favourite bon jovi album, as the music here set the scene for the rest of their albums.

Rating: 9/10

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