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"Blaze Of Glory" Review 9 January 2001

Heading back to Heaven!!

A review by Ariana /

But as long as my heart keeps on bangin', I got a believe!!!!, these lines from Bang a drum, it's a damn good proff of what blaze of glory means.... an album full of cowboys, rock songs, positive ones..."And we knew how to laugh, and we knew how to cry, yeah we sure knew how to live, but we don't ever...never say die"...And other ones full of nostalgy like Blood money.
If someone has a doubt of why this album received nominations for the grammy, the oscar, mtv, american awards, and why is the owner of the golden globe, just have to hear even just the 1st song from the track.
*Billy get your!
*Miracle...just a miracle avoid that Jon didn't win the oscar and grammy awards.
*Blaze of Glory...Glory!!!!, rules!
*Blood money... so relaxin'...."that's why i call it"
*Santa Fe..ahhh!!!, perfect song!!, i could die with that one!..."cause the spirits..they intoxicated me!!"
*Justice in the barrel... good one!
*Never say die..another cool and perfect song!!!, great lyrics!!
*You really got me now....funny one!, a cool duet of Jonny with Little Richard!
*Bang a Drum...AMEN!!!!, if blaze of glory rules...Bang kicks ass!!!!
*Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin'...great music, Jon and Elton, really rock this song!!!
*Guano City... good movie's background, by Alan Silvestri.

The only that i can say.....this album is not heading back to's too good for that!!!!!!
Keep rockin' always Jon Bon Jovi...this album rrrrrocks!
Lots of Jovi-Love

Rating: 10/10

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