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"These Days" Review 10 January 2001
These Days is definently one of the Best!

A review by Sean Carr

1995 was the year of Bon Jovi. They released their 7th album entitle These Days. To me personally it's my favorite Bon Jovi album. I've read a lot of reviews on this site saying its the worst album and stuff like that but it's not. Here are my thoughts on the songs

Hey God= a great way to start off the album. in this song jon tells it the way it is and you can relate to what he is saying. Richie shows us that he's still the man when it comes to the guitar.

Something for the Pain= A nice mellow song. great lyrics and smooth choures. a great song.

This Aint a Love Song= one of the boys best ballads. very emotional and very well done. great song to watch live. Just check out Live From London!

These Days= WOW! This song should definently be put on their next Greatest Hits album.

Lie to Me and It's hard Letting you Go don't sound like the old Bon jovi but thats what makes it great. it's different.

Damned= great rock song. Great guitar. Correct me if i'm wrong but does the guitar riff on Damned sound a little like the one on King of the Mountain? i could be wrong but it doesn't matter its still a great song.

As my Guitar lies Bleeding= very dark and emotional song. but it does explain the way we feel sometimes and i think its a good song.

Hearts breaking Even and If thats what it Takes= two really good songs and perfectly done.

Something to Beleive In= This would have to be my favorite song onb the album. Like a lot of other songs you could feel the hurt and the pain in his voice as he sings and Richie also adds the essents to it as well. Great Great song.

Dimond Ring. very well done one the acustic guitar. and once again different but great.

There is my run down of these days. This album will forever remain my favorite album. The reson its my favorite is because it's a great album and it also expresses the way i felt at that point in time dark and gloomy but happy.

Rating: 10/10

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