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"These Days" Review 11 January 2001
Something's Missing...

this was their first CD without Alec...

A review by michelle /

"These Days" was great, but it's not my favorite album. Something that made Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi was gone. That's right, Alec John Such, the former bassist was fired. Jon asked Huey McDonald to play bass for Bon Jovi, and he accepted. What's pretty kickass about These Days that's not really on any of Bon Jovi's other albums is theres some bad english on it. Like in Hey God, the phrase "What the hell" is used three times, and the word "Sh-t" is used three times as well. Cant forget the song Damned. Dont let your little kids listen to that CD, they'd be walking around repeating the words :). Ok, this review suckes really bad, but I dont have a lot to say about it, besides, its just not the same, dude. Well, if you dont have These Days yet, go out and buy it.

Rating: 5/10

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