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"Crush" Review 12 January 2001
Crush : an older Bon Jovi


A review by hani /

Exist since 1981 (Bon Jovi Album), at 20-25(average age) Bon Jovi was commented as an"easy-listening"band... They tried to have their best shape until "slippery when wet" came out and Bon Jovi was a hit around the world. It is undeniable that most of their fans are girls...(even Jon admitted it)...and most of their song talk about love...
(a good one offcourse...).The theme of their albums offcourse varied because they are a different people album by album....(well everybody is changed one stay the same..)
What interesting to me is the change in their emotional feeling..which is described at their songs....From the begining their love song has a turning point, lets say "i'll be there for you"... the singer is left by his girl....or"Bed of roses" about a singer who love his girl blind-lovely but has another girl in his bed...the turning point is "lie to me" when he let his girl to decide is it go on or go end and "diamond ring" when he gave his heart to his girl but unsure about his girl. And is "thank you for loving me".....
At first... I was curious and waiting for a bitter phrase to came up...But untill the end there is none... It was just a sincere thank you for loving me... Woww!!! What a change!!! Well guys... Bon Jovi is older...and they admitted it in "just Older"....... I still love (an older) Bon Jovi.

Rating: 8/10

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