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"Crush" Review 15 January 2001

A review by karolien

When I bought the these days album I was just a teenager feeling alone and misunderstood (like every teenager). It was like Jon was singing about my life and feelings.
But now I am a young adult and Bon Jovi comes with a new album. And I have to say that I have a huge crush on "CRUSH". You can hear that these guys are not 25 anymore. Their lives are more than girls, sex and touring.(admit it, 60% of all songs before the Keep The Faith album were about that) Now they are married and have children (except Tico). If you listen to songs as "Thank you for loving me" and " I got the girl" you can hear that Jon and Richie (main songwriters) have found the love of their lives and the happines of children. Besides Jon is 38 years old, Tico is even older as my father. It was time to grow up and you can hear that about everything on the crush album.
Last summer I went to see the crush tour and they still rock and the audience wentabsolutely crazy. Also the crush songs are made to be played in a stadium!!!

p.s.: talking all that shit about Jon's looks and hair is so stupid. If you are a real fan you don't care about his body but about his songs! Besides, Jon has had a prettyboy image for years and he thought is was awfull to be jugde about his looks instead of his work.

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