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"Crush" Review 28 May 2000
The Best Album Yet, But Could Have Been Even Better

The most mature album of the band but it miss something


Well,it's almost here after five years. Although we could apreciate the solo albums of Jon and Richie and some single works like Real Life or Mister Big Time in this meantime it's always good to see (and feel) the whole band together again,in its full power.

Crush is without a doubt the most mature album of the band and really shows the force of the band and the inspiration of Jon and Richie as song writers and unique singers.
But said all that what I really missed is some of the heroic, epic and "me alone against the whole crazy and unjust world" works. I thought that The Next 100 years would be that type of song remembering a little of Dry County (when I first read that it had 65 pieces of orchestra and the long solo guitar I thought "that's the next Dry County!!!" ) but I was wrong because Dry County is far better and has superior lyrics and a wonderfull piano intro.

I was a little disapointed because I expected songs that had the same feel as Blood on Blood ,These Days,Santa Fe,Keep the Faith or Dry County. The closest song of that style is Just Older, the best song of the album. It's my Life comes in second.

But in the other hand we have wonderfull and awesome works like Two Story Town (for me it looks like a bit of Midnight in Chelsea but it's even better), Mystery Train and One Wild Night (live this song will be 1000 better!!). Losing Love SHOULD be included in the album because it's great.

CRUSH is really one of the greatest Bon Jovi's albums and a must have without a doubt.

Rating: 8/10

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