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"Crush" Review 20 January 2001
Let's hand it to 'em

A review by an Indian fan /

Crush left people wondering what Bon Jovi was all about. Personally the old Bon Jovi is what I and a LOT of other people want. Getting back to Crush it's pretty good. In fact excellent IF you don't keep the old Bon Jovi in mind while listening to it. Here's a step by step review of Crush.

It's My Life : A very ear-catching song. And a very good change from all the eternal mushiness which goes on and on nowadays.

Say It Isn't So : One of my favourites in Crush. It sounds even better on video. Sort of crazy I know. A longer guitar solo would have done the trick

Thank You For Loving Me : One of the few songs I know which can be relaxing but not boring.

Two Story Town : GREAT. And a pretty nice guitar solo which leaves you wanting more.

Next 100 years : Now let's come back to the old Bon Jovi. Now this one leaves an impression doesn't it?

Just Older : Am not old enough to sing the blues. A very Down-to-earth kind of song and really optimistic I must say. Anybody Puzzled by this comment can mail me for an explanation.

Mystery Train : Nice ringing sort of tune. This song had a scope for more powerful vocals.

Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars : She wears a plastic crown like cinderella and roller skates in bed. You and me we are invincible together, We can be so tragical whatever........................... Hellllllooooo??????? Am I missin' something over here? Are this lyrics? If they are they are they sure don't percolate into my brain.

Save the world : So sorry I missed it out. IIIIII can Saaaaave the world. Now this gets boring. And by the way Bon Jovi if you people can really save the world plz plz come to India and sort out the Kashmir issue

She's a mystery : Now this could have DEFINITELY been dropped. It just seems to go on and on.

I got the girl : Nice song but ....... now there is this big BUT which cannot be explained but the song seems to be rather..... unsatisfactory.

One Wild Night : Now here the lyrics are again a bit weird but compared to CCATBQFM they're all right. And Just older and One Wild Night are just the songs which have you feeling all right.

If I Could Make A Livin' Out Of Loving You : Great beat. And one of Richie's terrific guitar solos would not have gone amiss.

So that's it. Everybody's changing and so has Bon Jovi to the surprise of some, Wonder of some and disappointmnt of some.

Crush is overall a good album(can't seem to find any other words at this time of night) and let's hand it 'em for the pains they took.

Rating: 9/10

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