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"These Days" Review 21 January 2001
The Best Days


A review by D.C

This could well be the best album ever from a truly great band. While other albums from Bon Jovi may have been more fun to listen to none can match the power and emotion packed into this CD. There are a few not so good songs but most are superb and hugely underrated. Here is my categorised run down.

Could be better:

1. Hey God: Not the best way to start the album, one of the faster songs. Decent, I suppose.

2. Something for the Pain: Never been one of my favourites.

6. Damned: Never quite seems to go anywhere.


7. My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms: Deserved its high rating in the recent Dry County poll. Very dark and tragic song.

12. Diamond Ring: Very Much Underrated. Like 'She's a Mystery' from 'Crush' only much better musically and lyrically

13. Bitter Wine: Only just made into this section as it isn't the greatest but I enjoy listening to it all the same.

Top Class:

3. This ain't a Love Song: On a par with 'Always' need I say more.

4. These Days: One of the best on the album. A great song that makes you feel that although things may be changing in the world there is always hope for you.

5. Lie to me: T and G make a return in a sad song about the hardships in a relationship.

8. It's Hard Letting You Go: Great intro sets up this excellent song about someone struggling to come to terms with losing the one they love.

9. Hearts Breaking Even: Best song on the album. Jon's voive is packed with emotion on one of Bon Jovi's greatest unreleased songs.

10. Something to Believe in: Doesn't start terribly welll but the rest 2:30 onwards more than make up for this.

11. If that's what it takes. One of the few fast songs on the album that comes up trumps.

This was the album that got me hooked on Bon Jovi so if your not a fan yet (what kind of person are you?) give it a go.

Rating: 10/10

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